Our Mission

We train to be strong. Strong in order to reap the rewards this life has to offer. Strong to help others. Strong so that we are not a burden.

We train with the knowledge that pain is a necessary part of growth. Pain is not to be avoided. Pain is a tool. 

We plan so that we are prepared for the future. By being prepared, we are able to provide. By being prepared, we are able to succeed.

We are not content with the distractions and comfort that is accepted by society at large. We derive joy from experiences. From a meal we hunted. From a mountain we climbed. From a day shared with those we love.

We use our strength and means to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. For that reason, a portion of every sale goes directly to organizations fighting human trafficking & sexual abuse.

You can choose whether your purchase benefits the National Center on Sexual Exploitation or ERASE Child Trafficking; look for a box like this on every product page:

We are diligent.

Are you?